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Garbage Juice MYSTERY Bundle


Image of Garbage Juice MYSTERY Bundle

This bundle includes:

GARBAGE JUICE 01: my 2016-2017 Portfolio in the form of a 22 page zine (7.63 in. x 9.87 in)

1 MYSTERY ART: an original mixed media piece on a 5.5x5.5 inch cardboard square

1 MYSTERY CD: each CD contains 5 mystery files, a 6 page zine/cd booklet, a short story (behind the cd in the case), and an original drawing on the CD. These CDs are limited and numbered

1 MYSTERY BUTTON: a 1.5 inch pinback button, who knows what you'll get?

1 MYSTERY ZINE: something from the archives!

Shipping is included in the order if you're in the US.